About The Owner

My name is Nina Sainato.  I grew up up in small town north of Pittsburgh with an abundance of three things: classical piano, Aerosmith, & Italian food. But, like in any musical household, other forms of art positioned themselves in my life in different ways. My aunt is an incredibly gifted artist, painter, and illustrator, and taught me to see things from an aesthetic standpoint at an early age. My dad, while first and foremost a guitar player, was a renowned stained glass artist.

While I dabbled in drawing, painting, and stained glass throughout high school, I had an equally piqued interest in technology, but it wasn’t until college that I combined the two. I finished my undergrad in music at Duquesne University and went on to obtain a Masters Degree in Multimedia.

For the last few years I have worked as a web & graphic designer for corporate radio, one of the top 5 international symphonies, and a top Pittsburgh advertising agency. What I love most about my recent adventure with MKM is meeting new people and working with them to build a unique online presence to support their endeavors.



As a child prodigy on the piano, I would only compose songs in minor keys. There was an air of mystery that I couldn’t get enough of, and it came through in my compositions. Later on, my favorite band, Aerosmith, wrote a lyric that struck a chord with me: “I major in love but in all minor keys.” And that’s how Minor Keys Media was born.