Jingle Writing

Jingle writing is unquestionably the area that sets Minor Keys Media apart from other media companies. Owned and founded by a classical pianist with an exceptional sense of melody, MKM has recently partnered with an international songwriter and producer and also a Nashville recording artist to form a dream team of jingle writers.  We have just begun to offer this service and are excited to build on our portfolio.

Our process is different for everyone, but generally holds a few consistent threads:

THE IDEA: We will provide 3 rough ideas to start (iPhone recording of just vocals and acoustic guitar) to nail down the melody and direction.

A DETAILED DEMO: Once the client chooses their favorite, we will provide a detailed, but still rough, demo included production and instrumentation ideas before recording the final product.

STUDIO SPACE:  The level of production and instrumentation that the client chooses will determine where the jingle is recorded.  For example, if it requires string instruments or a big band, we will partner with an outside studio for which there will be additional costs for studio time.  However, if the instrumentation is a combination of drums, guitar, bass, piano, and male/female voice, we can record at our small broadcast ready studio in-house and save on the cost of studio musicians.

TIME FRAME: The entire process takes about two to four weeks with effective communication between us and the client.

SPOT CREATION:  After your jingle is finished, we can provide :05, :15, or :30 broadcast quality spots including in-house voiceover talent.  See below for samples.

Here is an overview of our most recent jingle project with Paint Monkey:

Finished Product (no voiceover):


Spot currently running on WISH 99.7 in Pittsburgh (with voiceover):


Here are the original iPhone recording options given to the client before the jingle went into production:

Option 1:


Option 2:


Option 3:


Minor Keys Media also produced this video to promote the song online:


Quote from the happy client:

“In my wildest dreams, I never thought we would have a jingle for our paint studio, Paint Monkey.   Well, much to our delight, Nina and Freddie, came to our studio, with guitars in hand and proceeded to blow us away!  They had come up with at least 4 different concepts, one better than the other.  We finally zeroed in on one that came to be our “Be A Paint Monkey” jingle/commercial.  They recorded it for us and gave us several versions of the bed to use.  They couldn’t have been more professional.

Joe and I would whole heartedly encourage you to use Nina & Freddie to create something wonderful for your company!”